The European Universities in Egypt (EUE) grants a world-class education through hosting branches of top-class universities that provide undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. EUE is established according to the presidential decree no.86 of the year 2021 and is based in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt. EUE offers transnational education by bringing together reputable international universities to create a unique hub in the MENA region. EUE is currently hosting the University of London that awards various programmes

under the academic direction of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), in addition to the University of Central Lancashire that accords numerous Engineering programmes. EUE will provide its students with state-of- the-art learning and research experiences to meet the needs of the emerging Egyptian economy and the international market. It aims to be a novel research hub which nurtures transnational education in the MENA region and makes socio-economic impact across all collaborating markets.

EUE Vision

EUE aspires to be a distinguished and pioneering institution in higher education and scientific research. By hosting distinguished branches from world-ranked universities, EUE aims to graduate world-class students who will contribute to shape the future of their country and humanity.

EUE Mission

EUE is committed to provide a unique academic model that will create an extraordinary educational experience and will lead to marked and comprehensive impacts on society. EUE is keen to host prominent international universities concentrating on professional skills and scientific research to help build leaders and entrepreneurs for the 21st century.

EUE Values


We focus on practical and effective productions as well as market development by being both resolute and direct.


We continuously develop and push boundaries to excel, expand capacity and challenge the status quo.


We provide the necessary resources and facilities, and we act as a catalyst for sustainable innovation.


We embrace diversity in ethnicity, race, socioeconomic levels, gender and abilities.


We align with the state of the art in science and technologies.


Our Hosted Universities

Best European University Degrees Brought to Egypt

University of London

University of Central Lancashire

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