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Admission Policy

The University Institution: The European universities in Egypt (EUE) employs a competitive entry admissions policy, however we believe in equal opportunity for all. When choosing your desired university program you must meet the minimum entry requirements of your chosen university.


The Foundation Entry degree courses are designed for students who have the ability to study for a degree, but don’t have the necessary formal qualifications to enter directly on to their chosen Honours degree programme. An additional preliminary year of study will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed at Honours degree level.


It also provides an ideal solution if you perhaps chose the wrong A Level subjects or you have not fulfilled the number of A Levels required, instead of repeating a year at school or college, giving you the university experience from the outset. Many of our Foundation Entry degrees offer some flexibility within the subject area at the end of the first year, giving you more time to decide on your specific pathway.


EUE Admission Exam

The EUE aims to select vigilant and dedicated students who seek academic excellence and aspire to achieve extraordinary heights. The EUE will apply a competitive entry process to ensure that the selected students will achieve their full potential and add to the EUE story.


The student will have to undergo a computer aided  and a logical reasoning (IQ) test.

Required Documents for Registration

Every student needs to complete and submit all the documents below

  • Original copy of your birth certificate
  • Criminal record
  • High school/Thanawya Amma transcript or its equivalencies
  • Copy of you ID/passport
  • You have to meet the entry requirements and English requirement of your chosen university program
  • You have to pass the A University institution: EUE admissions exam

Registration Process

1. Apply on our Website online.

  • Receive email with your ID number and admission test date

2. Admission Exam/Interview.

  • Depending on your program of choice, some require an interview while others require a portfolio so please read your university requirements well

3. Complete all relevant EUE official papers & Hosted university registration.

the European Universities in Egypt employs a competitive entry admissions policy, however we believe in equal opportunity for all. When choosing your desired programs you must meet the minimum entry requirements of your chosen university.

University of London International Programmes

Minimum Entry requirements

Undergraduate Entry:

  • IGCSE: Hold 5 O.L subject and a Minimum of 3 A.L subjects (grades A and A*), English B or above Math A
  • IB: Score of 38 IB points or above out of 45 High levels: 6 6 6
  • Abitur: the equivalent of 5 O.L subjects IGCSE with grade A – obtain 1.5 overall in A Levels – Mathematics Leistungskurse (LK) with grades of 14/13 in the final exam and in two individual semester grades
  • French Baccalaureate: the equivalent of 5 O.L subjects IGCSE with grade A – Mention Bien (15 overall) – 16 in Mathematics

Foundation Entry:

  • IGCSE: Hold four separate subjects at GCSE / O level (grades A*-C / 9-4)
  • IB: 4 separate subjects each passed at grade 3 – 7 (standard or higher level
  • Abitur: successful completion satisfies general entry for the full degree. We would consider year 10 German schooling for IFP plus evidence of English. 
  • French Baccalaureate: successful completion satisfies general entry for the full degree. If they are not awarded this then we would want at least 4 separate subjects passed at 10 – 20 plus English proficiency for the IFP
  • American Diploma: 4 year 12 subjects each passed at grade A – C
  • Thanaweya Amma: we would want at least 4 subjects, each passed at 50% or above in final year of schooling plus evidence of English proficiency.
  • Canadian Diploma: Canadian Schooling (province dependent). Grade 12 satisfies general entry for full degree if grade conditions are met. We would consider grade 11 as GCSE equivalent

English Language Requirements

  • IELTS 6.5 or equivalent in iBT TOEFL 85-90


  • BSc Economics and Management
  • BSc Business and Management
  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • BSc Economics and finance
  • BSc Banking and Finance
  • BSc Economics

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University of Central Lancashire*

*Subject to validation

Minimum Entry requirement

Only foundation entry is available for September 2019

Foundation Entry (Year 0)

  • English Requirements:
  • IGCSE: Grade C or above, 72 UCAS Points including Math and Physics.
  • IB: Pass Diploma 72 UCAS points from higher level subjects.
  • American Diploma: 
    • High School Diploma GPA of 3.0 or 80% average or higher their grade 12 classes are not required to take the SAT, ACT or any APs.
    • OR  
    • High School Diploma + SAT 1400 from ‘Critical Reading’, ‘Math’ and ‘Writing’ (before March 2016) OR SAT 1050 from from ‘Evidence Based Reading and Writing’ and ‘Math’ (after March 2016) OR ACT 20 OR an AP at grade 3.


  • BEng Motorsports Engineering
  • BEng Mechatronics and Intelligent Machines
  • BEng Computer Aided Engineering
  • BEng Mechanical Engineering

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University of East London*

*Subject to validation

Minimum Entry requirement

Undergraduate Entry (Year 1)

  • 12- 13 years of schooling and successful completion of recognized foundation program.
  • English Requirements:
    • English (IELTS): Minimum score 5.5 with minimum 5.5 across sub-categories. TOEFL IBT: Minimum 80 with 20 in sub categories.
    • 80% or GPA 3.0 in High School Grade 12 English (language or literature)
    • AP English Language or Literature grade 3 if taken in the USA
  • IGCSE / GCSE: 
    • We would normally expect you to have
      Grade 4 C in GCSE English and Maths.
    • A LEVEL
      Must include passes at A2 in at least 1
  • IB:
    • The International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) with a score of 25 or 26 (depending onthe course). 
    • Please note some courses may require higher scores, so do please check the course page.

  • American Diploma: Grade B average (or a GPA of 3.0) in your High School Diploma or GED. We also ask of ONE of the following:
    • SAT One with a balanced score of 1600 (old SAT) or 1070 (new SAT)
    • ACT with a composite score of 23
    • 3 Advanced Placement (AP) Exams with grades of 3 or above
    • Please send us your SAT score reports via the College Board website: . Our Designated Institution (DI) code is 7332 – University of East London

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Foundation Entry (Year 0)

  • English Requirements:
    • English (IELTS): Minimum score 6.0 with minimum 5.5 across sub-categories. TOEFL IBT: Minimum 80 with 20 in sub categories.
    • 80% or GPA 3.0 in High School Grade 12 English (language or literature)
    • AP English Language or Literature grade 3 if taken in the USA
  • Please note that UEL has a tailored foundation year for each program for more information about specific entry requirements please visit


  • BA (Hons) Advertising

  • BA (Hons) Film

  • BA (Hons) Media and Communication.

  • BA (Hons) Animation
  • BA (Hons) Interior Design

  • BA (Hons) Product Design

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UCAS Points

UCAS points are the total points achieved by converting qualifications such as A levels and AS levels into points, making it simpler for course providers to compare applicants. It is used as a means of giving students from the United Kingdom places at UK universities.


Common ways for UCAS points to be calculated are through the UCAS Tariff Calculator, official tariff tables.


Kindly follow the table to calculate your own UCAS points:



  • A* = 56
  • A = 48
  • B = 40
  • C = 32
  • D = 24
  • E =  16


  • A = 20
  • B = 16
  • C = 12
  • D = 10
  • E = 6

International Baccalaureate 

Higher Level subjects

  • H7 = 56
  • H6 = 48
  • H5 = 32
  • H4 = 24
  • H3 = 12
  • H2 = 0
  • H1 = 0

Standard Level subjects

  • S7 = 28
  • S6 = 24
  • S5 = 16
  • S4 = 12
  • S3 = 6
  • S2 = 0
  • S1 = 0

Advanced Placement exams

  • 5 (Grade) = 28
  • 4 (Grade) = 24
  • 3 (Grade) = 20
  • 2 (Grade) = 16
  • 1 (Grade) = 12

English language support

Having a strong English foundation is highly essential to guarantee a smooth and educationally enriching experience during your time at the university.
That’s why EUE is happy to announce its English support center, where students studying at any of our hosted universities could sign up and access  our English EAP and in-sessional courses to support you throughout your undergraduate study.
Studying English will also help you pass your IELTS exams after the successful completion of your foundation year especially, when you sign up for our extra IELTS preparation courses 

English for academic purposes course (EAP)

(EAP) courses help students prepare for higher education in college/university level.


EAP In-sessional courses:

these courses are taught in parallel with the student’s main courses. They can be understood as language support classes which help students improve their language skills for the classes that they are attending.


During this course, students are given resources to improve their skills in formal and informal communication, new vocabulary, writing skills, reading skills, critical thinking, oral presentation skills, and other areas. In addition, EAP helps international students, second-language influenced local students, to get acquainted with the new learning environment and educational system.


EUE will provide up to (120hrs) of training to all students to raise their English to the required standards Students will learn more about how to conduct a research paper, citation methods, and essays .


Students can take an optional specialized course starting his undergraduate second and third year through the EUE English support. This course will be field oriented to further enhance his technical English and improve his terminology

Scholarships & Financial Aid

At the European Universities in Egypt, we believe that exceptional academic performance should be recognised and rewarded. Our objective is to attract the motivated students to join the University and benefit from the high quality of education provided. We offer several scholarship programs for academic excellence and talented new entrants. We also provide number of scholarships to the international students and financial aid to the enrolled students at EUE. There are a number of different methods adopted to finance the study at EUE illustrated in the scholarship scheme below. The total number of scholarships offered to the students by EUE reaches up to 10% the total number of the enrolled students.


Academic excellence

EUE is offering various scholarships to Egyptian undergraduate students. Achieving exceptional grades at national Thanaweya Amma and its equivalent international qualifications as well as international students starting an undergraduate course in 2019/2020. In addition to the top ranked enrolled students in each study module.


Program 1:

New entrants holding National Thanaweya  Amma certificate: Full and partial scholarship are granted to the top ranked graduates from the Egyptian National Certificate “Thanaweya Amma”, the overall success rate is based on the highest grades.


Program 2:

New entrants holding International Equivalent Certificates. Full and partial scholarships are granted to top ranked international certificate holders (IGCSE, Abitur, IB, American Diploma) based on the highest grades. Other international equivalent certificates are subject to evaluation and eligibility to join the higher education system in Egypt.


Program 3: New international students

Number of full and partial scholarships are offered to the international students, priority is given to African students.


Program 4: Enrolled students

The enrolled students are eligible to apply for full and partial scholarships throughout their study at EUE in condition of keeping outstanding performance and achieving top ranked positions in each study module.


Program 5: Athletic Scholarship

Number of scholarships are granted to the new entrants and enrolled athletes who join EUE.