Advertising (BA)

September. 2019

Start Date

1 FY + 3 UY

Course Duration



Basic Information

Start Date

September. 2019

Course Duration

1 foundation year (if required) + 3 undergrad years

English Language Requirements

Overall IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 6.0 in Writing and Speaking; minimum 5.5 in Reading and Listening (or recognised equivalent).

Program Description


The world is filled with advertising. From street billboards to TV catchphrases, from the back of newspapers to the front of football shirts, from internet pop-ups to… well, anywhere with an empty space to fill. It’s a huge, rich part of our everyday life and cultural experience – and it’s changing fast.
At the University of East London, we offer you a unique insight into this exciting, swift-moving world.

You’ll learn all about the advertising industry: what it does, how it works and how it’s changing in relation to the world that it shapes and that helps shape it.

You’ll learn about branding, market research techniques and digital media production, and take a detailed look at how today’s consumer society works.

Guided by industry experts, you’ll have the best chance not just to study but also to learn while at work in this ever-expanding industry.

You’ll be involved in work placements and consumer research projects. We’ll give you the chance to study everything from promotional media practices to photography and cultural theory while you also learn the best media and digital production skills.

How You’ll be Assessed

Assessment is continuous throughout each term and is undertaken individually and in groups in relation to both theoretical and more practice-based modules. We assess modules on the course through essays, presentations and production pieces. Other modes of assessment unique to the course include, in year three, the presentation of an advertising industry pitch to industry professionals and, in year two, the running of a focus group as part of the study of market and consumer research methodologies.

Future Career

We pride ourselves on teaching such a range of key skills that you’ll find many doors to stimulating future employment open to you after graduation – and not just in advertising. UEL graduates have gone on to succeed in other areas such as market research, marketing and public relations.

That is, in part, down to the contacts you can make during the course. Many students have managed to land jobs after making an impact with employers during their work placements.

UEL advertising graduates have the advantage of enjoying a wealth of industry knowledge together with a deep understanding of consumer culture. So it’s little wonder our graduates are in demand to work in a range of promotional industries.

One recent graduate was taken on by top London agency ArtScience and has been working on social media for TalkTalk’s sponsorship of ‘The X Factor’. Another has been providing marketing expertise for small businesses.



  • Academic Development (core)
  • Independent Project (core)
  • Visual Communication (core)
  • London and Literature (option)
  • Reporting London (option)
  • London and History (option)
  • Media, Culture and Society (option)
  • Creative Digital Practice (option)


  • Advertising; past, present and future (core)
  • Branding in Theory and Practice (core)
  • Digital Media Development 1 (optional)
  • Advertising, Representation and Culture (core)


  • Pitching for Business (core)
  • Media Planning in the City (core)
  • Researching Audiences, Texts and Media industries (core)
  • Working in the Media and Communications Industries (core)


  • Promotional Culture and the Consumer (core)
  • Campaign Design and Execution (core)
  • Advertising Dissertation (optional*)
  • Media Production Dissertation Project (optional*)
  • Mobile Media, Promotion and Exhibition (optional)
  • Digital Communications (optional)
  • Copywriting in the Creative Industries  (optional)
  • Public Relations and Promotion (optional)

(*you will take either the Advertising Dissertation or the Media Production Dissertation)