Computer Science - Data Science (BSc)

September. 2021

Start Date

1 FY + 3 UY

Course Duration



Basic Information

Start Date

September. 2021

Course Duration

1 foundation year (if required) + 3 undergrad years

English Language Requirements

Overall IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 6.0 in Writing and Speaking; minimum 5.5 in Reading and Listening (or recognised equivalent).

Programme Description

Data science is a significant subfield in computer science which has seen rapid growth in recent years as companies and institutions have begun to gather data at scale across many sectors. Data science has many applications ranging from medicine to climate science and business analytics.

With the BSc Computer Science (Data Science), you’ll be able to apply for a range of data-intensive technical jobs in sectors such as business, finance, medicine, education, engineering and science as well as in the creative industries. Typical job titles include data scientist, data visualisation engineer, business data analyst, data manager and data engineer.


Level 4 (8 Compulsory Modules)

  • Introduction to Programming I*
  • Introduction to Programming II
  • Numerical Mathematics
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • How Computers Work
  • Algorithms and Data Structures I
  • Web Development

Level 5 (8 Compulsory Modules)

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Software Design and Development
  • Programming with Data
  • Agile Software Projects
  • Computer Security
  • Graphics Programming
  • Algorithms and Data Structures II
  • Databases, Networks and the Web

Level 6 (6 Modules + The Final Project)

  • Data Science*
  • Databases and Advanced
  • Data Techniques*
  • Machine Learning and
  • Neural Networks*
  • Advanced Web Development*
  • Natural Language Processing*
  • One elective from any other specialism
  • The Final Project

* Core Modules