Being a student is one of the most important and memorable experiences of a person's life. Clubs and activities allow students to explore career interests through a range of opportunities, providing networking in addition to academic pursuits.

Extracurricular activities make up a valuable part of the overall university experience. Students can develop their social and interpersonal skills by getting involved in running organizations, clubs and events.


Learning with a group of peers is a powerful tool, study groups are a place to work on challenging concepts and learn from one another. Forming a study group is particularly effective for completing projects, developing presentations and preparing for exams.

Finding a study group can sometimes be difficult, at EUE we make this process easier by arranging a weekly meeting for those whom wish to be a part of a study group. Within these meetings students will take the time to find the appropriate group based on area of study and form a communication point. After this point, suggestions as follows:

  • Find a place you can work undisturbed, for example, an empty room at the university, in the library or a coffee shop that suits all participants.
  • Arrange dates for future meetings together so that everyone can regularly participate.
  • Exchange mobile numbers and e-mail addresses. This way everyone can quickly contact each other, if a meeting needs to be cancelled or postponed.
  • You can also choose a spokesperson, who is in charge of the organizational matters.


The debate club gives students of all abilities a fun way of developing their skills. Using different activities to help students with their critical thinking and confident communication. Students will be encouraged to suggest topics for discussion, do research and give presentations on areas they are interested in, recruiting other students to the club and giving feedback on their favorite club activities.

The debate club could also help students to become more informed about political and global affairs, or provide a venue for students to train for debate competitions. A brand new club should strike a balance between short activities that give everyone a chance to speak and participate, and full debate formats that may require week-by-week turn-taking.


The Eco-Green club will empower students and university staff members to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects.

The Eco-Green club will arrange a wide range of activities, weekly or monthly depending on the size of the project. Activities will include clean-ups, planting days, setting up recycling points within the university and battery recycling.



The sports arena at EUE offers a wide range of activities for students to take up during their time at the university. The total area of the sports arena at EUE is 23287.84 m2 including the following football fields, basketball, swimming pools.

Drama and Music club

The drama club is dedicated to bringing joy and power of drama to students by providing high quality dramatic programming at the beginner and intermediate levels. The drama club offers participants the chance to experience excitement while developing social skills, confidence and the ability to work with others.

Photography club

The photography club promotes creativity as well as encourages students to share and critique the photographs of their peers. We want to educate and improve technical skills and to spread the love of photography throughout EUE.


  • Having an in group critique of photographs that members have taken at least once a month. This helps members of the club receive and administer constructive criticism in a positive environment, and encourages improvement of photography skills.
  • Having at least one photography-related outing per semester. This gives the members of the club an opportunity to test their photography skills outside of the university environment with each other.
  • Promoting photography throughout the campus. This can be done by posting pictures taken by the club around the university to demonstrate the photography skills of the members of the club while simultaneously advertising for more members to join.