Being a student is one of the most important and memorable experiences of a person's life. The EUE student clubs are excellent outlets for students to nurture their talents and develop their skills. Through the different activities practiced, students get connected to professionals in the industry and to peers with the same interest, allowing EUE students establish networks and collaborative ventures.

At the EUE, extracurricular activities make up a valuable part of the overall university experience. Students can develop their social and interpersonal skills by getting involved in running organizations, clubs and events.


Study groups represent a powerful educational support tool for students to work on challenging academic tasks and to learn from one another. Finding a study group can sometimes be difficult, but at the EUE we make this process easy. We arrange for scheduled meetings in allocated campus facilities during which students take the time to find the appropriate group based on the area of study and common background. Forming a study group is particularly effective for completing projects, developing presentations and preparing for exams. Each group nominates a coordinator who works as a liaison between group members and the EUE administration to facilitate organizational matters.


The EUE Debate Club helps students with their critical thinking and confident communication. Students are be encouraged to suggest topics for discussion, do research and give presentations on areas they are interested in. Members of the club are given the chance to speak and participate in debates that may require week-by-week turn-taking. The Debate Club hosts seminars attended by academics and professionals to help students become more informed about political and global affairs, providing a venue for students to train for debate competitions.


The EUE’s Eco-Green Club aspires to be a place where environmental friendly practices and education combine to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The Eco-Green Club operates with a mission to engage students, faculty and support staff in environmental activities and projects that supports EUE mission of providing an eco-green campus.


The Eco-Green Club arranges a wide range of activities, both weekly and monthly. Activities include: organizing clean-ups and planting days, setting up campus recycling points, saving energy and managing waste water.


The sports arena at the EUE offers a wide range of activities for students to take up during their time at the university. The total area of the sports arena at EUE is 23287.84 m2 including: football fields, basketball courts, and swimming pools.


Drama and Music club

The EUE’s Drama Club is designed for students interested in learning more about the aspects of theatre, either as a performer, technician, or audience member.. This includes learning stage terminology, writing scripts, working on acting skills, and designing costumes. The EUE’s Drama Club offers participants the chance to experience excitement while developing social skills, confidence and the ability to work with others.


Photography club

The EUE’s Photography Club is a platform to bring together the like-minded people who share knowledge about the art and science of photography. The club encourages students to study light and imparts tips on composition. The club organizes activities that give a chance to learn photography, use camera to the fullest and view the world with sensitised lens, allowing for interaction between experts and students


The club aspires to spread the love of photography throughout the EUE. Being a member of the club, students can improve their photography skills through:


  • Engaging in in-group critiques of photographs that members take. This helps members receive and administer constructive criticism in a positive environment;


  • Taking part in photography-related outings. This gives members an opportunity for informal field training to test their photography skills outside of the university environment with each other.


  • Promoting photography throughout the campus. On allocated bulletin boards around the university, students can post their photographs to demonstrate their skills while simultaneously inspiring more members to join.