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In 1828, the University of Central Lancashire was founded in Preston as the Institution for the Diffusion of Knowledge. ‘Ex solo ad solem’, or in translation, ‘From the Earth to the Sun’, has been its motto ever since – helping talented people from all walks of life to make the most of their potential.

Today Central Lancashire is one of the UK’s largest universities with a student and staff community approaching 38,000. Internationally the University has academic partners in all regions of the globe.

Foundation Year

The Foundation Entry degree courses are designed for students who have the ability to study for a degree, but don’t have the necessary formal qualifications to enter directly on to their chosen Honours degree programme. An additional preliminary year of study will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed at Honours degree level.

It also provides an ideal solution if you perhaps chose the wrong A Level subjects or you have not fulfilled the number of A Levels required, instead of repeating a year at school or college, giving you the university experience from the outset. Many of our Foundation Entry degrees offer some flexibility within the subject area at the end of the first year, giving you more time to decide on your specific pathway.


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Computer Aided Engineering (BENG)

Start DateSeptember. 2021

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Mechatronics and Intelligent Machines (BENG)

Start DateSeptember. 2021

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Mechanical Engineering (BENG)

Start DateSeptember. 2021

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Motorsports Engineering (BENG)

Start DateSeptember. 2021

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Foundation Entry (Year 0)





American Diploma: 

High School Diploma, plus High School Diploma/GED
Plus one from below:

  • SAT 1050 from ‘Evidence Based Reading and Writing’ and ‘Math’
  • ACT 20
  • 1 AP College Board Exam at grade 3
  • SAT Subject test at grade 600
  • Dual/Concurrent Enrolment 1 class/3credits at grade B from an academic class
  • Associate diploma/Associate degree/Junior degree holders (general or specialised with a pass)
  • Satisfy English language requirements.


Thanawiya Amma:




French Baccalaureate: